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Student testimonials-Germany

Cosima Knösel, Germany


Studying in Taiwan is quite interesting and fun and really never gets boring. My first experience of studying in Taiwan was in Kaohsiung and it was exciting. Every day you would learn new things about the country and you would try new experiences. The Chinese teachers there were also really skilled and made sure everyone was having fun learning the language. Studying in Taipei and in Kaohsiung is very different. Studying Chinese in Kaohsiung is a very good choice since the city is not as international as Taipei, so I personally believe the environment for studying the language is very suitable this way. But as a master student in Taipei, I must say it offers a lot of internship opportunities for foreign students to be able to gain practical skills and also be able to get to know the Taiwanese work environment. Another aspect of studying in Taiwan is the endless possibilities of going on adventures. This country offers activities for everyone: a lot of mountains you can climb, beaches and seaside for those who love water activities, history museums, etc. It will never get boring!

But getting back to the actually studying part: Studying a master’s degree in Taiwan is quite nice. The majority of the teachers have an international background as well. Meaning that they studied abroad before and therefore are very skilled in teaching foreigners, as they know exactly how we feel about certain things and how foreign students might be different from Taiwanese students. They are also very attentive and listen to the students, once there are some problems that need to be solved.


I would recommend everyone who wants to study abroad and wants to study in Asia in particular, to pay Taiwan a visit and do some research about Taiwanese universities. The country and the schools are very welcome towards foreigners and make it very enjoyable to study here!